Hi everyone,

In addition to the Leaderboard update, the Battle Royale Dev team has started to roll out the new system we'll be using to handle player bans.

Currently, players who have an active ban will not be able to join a server and will receive a message indicating that they should visit their Leaderboard profile for more information about their ban.

To find your Leaderboard profile and the ban information, click the "Sign in through STEAM" link on the top right of the Leaderboard pages

Leaderboard sign-in link

This will allow you to confirm your identity via your Steam account and once signed it, will redirect you to your Leaderboard profile page. The ban information and expiry date will display in a banner under your user icon and above your game statistics. NOTE There is currently a bug in the display of permanent bans where they will display the date the permanent ban was made rather than the date the ban expires (since they don't expire).

Ban message

If you wish to appeal the ban, please visit the Battle Royale Discord and speak to an admin in #br-banappeals -- be sure to link your Leaderboard profile page or your Steam profile so that we can look up the ban. NOTE: we only consider appeals if the ban has been made in error and you have evidence to support this. If you were teaming, using hate speech, cheating, etc. there will be no reductions to your ban length.

BR Discord link: http://discord.gg/battleroyale