Leaderboards Update 9/9/2016 (Version 1.1)

New features

  • Public Player API now released /api/player/{id}
    • Can be used with either the lb uid or 64-bit steamid, e.g. /api/player/poxp2e2gj9 /api/player/76561197989383944
    • The output is JSON
    • Should you have any questions/feedback about the API, join the BR Discord and tag one of the devs
    • If you want to create a bot that uses this api often, please consult a dev before implementing it to avoid getting banned
  • Improved statistics page including unique player counts, map counts and other cool stats
  • Site wide SSL is enforced
  • Added website footer showing the latest lb version and social links
  • Player page ranking graph now shows bracket elo ranges
  • Better mobile browsing support (more to come)
  • New ban system implemented for admins
  • Front page top 10 lists now also display top 10 match finished, the time played, win % and KDR

Bug fixes

  • Parser should no longer process one game twice under heavy load
  • Player search performance improvements
  • Versioning on website assets to prevent clients loading old versions
  • Match first kill no longer displays suicide players
  • Player page match list now also displays the total rating change
  • Top 5 Most kills/nemeses/victims no longer count suicides
  • Hiding your in-game statistics will now work (set this in your LB profile settings)

Balance changes

  • Ranking bands have been amended to better reflect the Season 3 ELO changes