We've pushed out a client update (0.8.9) for Battle Royale

The following changes have been made:

  • Wake and Bozcaada are uptated to current versions
  • The paper doll damage icon has been removed as it wasn't being used
  • Fixed the floating mirrors on the UAZ
  • Reduced the volume of cluster bombs
  • SMA 5.56mm guns will now sound less noisy in the distance
  • Katiba/MX supressed sound is now more audible from distances
  • 6.55mm suppressors are moved to regular loot
  • the Play Battle Royale button on the Arma 3 main menu has been reclaimed (again)
  • our GPS is now the one on the right side, because it will be rezisable in the next Arma update. Open it with the Right Panel Next keybind. (You can still use the old one.)
  • The health bar is easier to identify in the layout editor. If you can't find it, load the default preset
  • M24 sniper with suppressor and bipod is back in crate drops
  • The escape menu info box is now bigger and easier to read
  • Jumping is now limited to 5 per 10 seconds

If you see red servers or get kicked, restart Arma or Steam to force the update.