Servers have been updated with the latest CUP_Weapons mod. Restart Steam if the download doesn't trigger automatically

  • CUP_Weapons_AK,East_Attachments - PBS-1 and PBS-4 are now only used by 7.62mm and 5.45mm AKs respectively, fixes T2123
  • CUP_Weapons_Colt1911,Glock17,PB_6P9 - Some suppressors did not suppress in confined spaces (fixes T2090)
  • CUP_Weapons_G36 - Fixed dispersion for G36 rifles
  • CUP_Weapons_AK - AKS74U mass decreased, fixes T2157

These changes might be relevant to BR, full changelog

If you find any problems or bugs with the new update please report them in Discord, #br-bugs channel.