Leaderboards and BR update 22.6.2016

Malden is here and we have finally set the date for the Season 4 finals!
The mod update contains numerous bug fixes and additions, full change log below.

The Finals


The format for the finals will be a bit different this time.
All previous finals have lasted for 4 days in total, 1 weekend per mode, and they have been tricky to arrange due to scheduling issues.
This season we're changing the format a bit. All matches will be played during one day, the 8th of July, and only the final matches will be streamed.
There will be 2 semi-finals and one final for each mode.
More info to come soon.

The brackets will lock on the 28th of June and the registration is open until the 7th of July

Mod changelog


  • Added support for the new Arma 3 map, Malden. This is a free map from Bohemia that all Arma 3 players will get with their latest update.
  • Low-population lobbies will now auto-start when enough players (about 20) are in the lobby. This is enabled on [US] servers only, for now. The game server will accelerate the game start when enough players have joined. The blue circle size will then be reduced to compensate.
  • Crates will now always spawn at least one gun.
  • Tweaked the in-game weather to be more adaptive during the game.
  • Players taking circle damage will see a subtle on-screen graphic effect.
  • Boat spawn locations have been heavily reworked. Expect to find boats in useful locations.
  • The C130 pilot is taking a break; we have a few new pilots to help start the game.


  • New weapons and crate loot. We've mixed in a bunch of new weapons and will be tweaking the loot mix over time.
  • New silencers for most weapons.
  • New optics. For new optics that have more than one optic available, please check your weapons keybind called 'Optics Mode'. Bind one of your Optics Mode keybinds to a single key or button for fast switching.
  • Added a new vehicle, the UAZ.
  • New lobby skins.
  • Civilian Zamaks will be more common, while military Zamaks no longer fall out of the sky.
  • Grenades (Hand Grenade and HE nades) moved to crate loot, for now.
  • The car spawn balance has been adjusted. SUVs and Beetles will be rare.
  • The inflatable boat-type (aka Zodiac) is now much faster.
  • Lee Enfield damage increased.
  • CZ Hunting Rifle damage increased.


  • The Health Bar is back. It is movable and resizable from the game layout configuration screen (the element is now labelled "HealthBar")
  • The GPS item will be more clearly labeled in the game layout configuration screen so you can customize its location (unfortunately Arma no longer supports resizing GPS.)
  • Environmental sounds volume lowered, including thunder.


  • Made cars less explody when crashing.
  • Fixed an issue with cloud cover which resulted in either too much or too little rain.
  • For those rare night games, added additional checks to ensure player is assigned night vision goggles.
  • A change in Arma caused our BR Button to disappear from the main menu. Fixed.
  • Client bug fixes
  • Server side bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Tweaks to on-screen messages
  • Resolved bug in latest Arma patch in which team assignments could result in teams being deleted (already live).
  • Spectator cam auto-targets nearest player when moved via map click.

And a special thanks to players that spent time on our DEV server helping us test Malden, balancing the new weapons, and providing feedback!