The Regionals Battle Royale event Saturday 14th of January

There will be second "The Regionals" event taking place on January 14th, which will be streamed by major streamers and officially streamed on with Brejnless casting.

With the launch of the new TEAM servers, expect to see more variety in early game play.
Map drawing should open up more opportunities for tactical play and coordination.

There will 8 teams of 8 players

  • Team Scandinavia
  • Team Rest of EU
  • Team Russia 1
  • Team Russia 2
  • Team North American
  • Team Germany 1
  • Team Germany 2
  • Team UK

It will begin at 17:00 UTC.

Your local timezone can be found here:

There will be 4 games: 2 hardcore and 2 regular

Players have been selected. @Gav (w0rld) in BR Discord is the organizer for the event.