Battle Royale - Christmas Update

It's been a great year for Battle Royale, with at time of writing we've seen

  • 1.8 million kills
  • 100,000KM of bullet travel, enough to wrap around earth 2.5 times
  • 44,000 matches played
  • 43,000 first place finishes
  • Over 149,000 bombing zones trying to kill you
  • Over 159,000 crate drops to help you kill others
  • Over 100,000 players get stuck in
  • A stunning 60 years of game time racked up collectively by all our players

Now that it is New Year, we start 2017 with a few updates to the mod.

Introducing Ranked Team Servers

Ranked team servers are now available for ranked team play.

Teams will be ranked and can compete for the top position on the leaderboards, leading to an eventual team play-offs

How it works

  • Server that have the tag [TEAM] in their name are for ranked team gameplay.
  • The teams are created in the server lobby. You can invite up to 4 players in your team and you will see their location on the map at all times.
  • If you're up for the challenge, you can also try playing in a one-man-team against everyone else.
  • Each team has a rating that will change after the game ends and the match is logged into the leaderboard system.
  • The rating system is very similar to the current ranked elo system.
  • A team is defined by the players playing in it. Every time you play with different people, a new team will be created.
  • Any of the team members can change the name of their team via the team page. Please keep the BR rules in mind.
  • if you are on a team and are killed, you do not get kicked from the server. Instead, you enter spectate mode but are locked to only spectating your fellow teammates.


As this gamemode is new and is not perfectly balanced yet, feedback is very welcome.

If you want to help us out by leaving feedback, you can use the leaderboards feedback form or join the BR discord and leave a comment in the #br-bugs or #br-leaderboard channel.

Leaderboard changelog

  • Added weapon statistics pages
  • Added team pages, and team rankings.
  • Added new TOP 25 lists! (KDR, KPM, Most kills in match, etc.)
  • Fixed viewing old matches
  • Fixed data from the past seasons on player profiles
  • Match parser has been refactored and there will be a slight increase (1-2%) in point gains because of this
  • Search page has been improved and can now be used to search teams
  • Database configuration has been tweaked to improve site performance
  • In-game billboards should now display only data from the current season
  • Weather and time of day from matches is now recorded and displayed on the match page