After a discussion among the dev/admin team, we've decided to cancel the regular mode BR Finals events this weekend. We will reschedule the event, but with the upcoming holiday season it looks like the next opportunity will be sometime in January.

We've not come to this decision lightly; however, we felt that the multitude of issues caused by the latest Arma patch has left us in a position where we simply can't assure that we would be able to resolve them in the short window we had between the update and the tournament. As you may know, the dev/admin staff do all this voluntarily and we just don't have the resources and time to fix the issues before the scheduled tournament. As well, there are some issues that might need an Arma hotfix and there is currently no ETA for when that might be released.

We understand this comes as a disappointment for many of you -- players and viewers alike. We apologize if you've rearranged real-life plans in order to play/watch the finals, but please be assured that we only want to hold the finals when we can guarantee that the mod will not suffer from the issues the latest update has introduced.