Battle Royale Leaderboards - 08/08/2016

The new leaderboards have now been launched, many thanks for being patient with us while we worked on this.

We will be looking to improve it over the current months and it gives us a much better base to build upon.

Just a few highlights of things that are new

  • Improved player page, with nicer breakdowns of statistics
  • New cleaner matches page layout
  • Generally faster website, with less chance of games being lost
  • No more resets, all statistics will persist between seasons (more on this later)

Mechanic changes

  • New ELO calculations for better point gains in higher brackets
  • Games will now display as RANKED which will count towards your position in the overall rankings for your skill mode
  • UNRANKED games will still be shown on your profile but will not count towards any statistics


Going forward, we're looking to improve the boards and bring new features to our players.

Some of the things we're currently exploring short term

  • Better mobile experience overall
  • More improvements to the match page
  • Better search functionality
  • New statistics layout for player page
  • Publicly displaying banned users on the website so our community can see the action being taken

Longer term

  • Full Public API, to let our players create new exciting tools :)
  • Gear tracking in BR with analytics
  • Reporting players directly from the website
  • Language localisation for our user base


If you leave feedback, we do read it, so if you find a bug or maybe have a suggestion please do use the inbuilt functionality to report it for the team to review.